“Assignment”: Ioan Bălan — 2273
Madison Rye Progress1

Ioan Bălan, tasked with investigating a flash-cult, tries to figure out what the heck just happened.

CWs: brief violence.

“Coffee Leak”: Tomash — 2299
Krzysztof “Tomash” Drewniak

Not every object works quite as you expect it.

CWs: none.

“Dreams for Breakfast”: In All Ways — 2183
Alexandria Christina Leal

An unsettling dream, a conversation over breakfast.

CWs: none.

Spoilers: references to material in Qoheleth.

“Fever Dreams”: Hieromech — 2399
Ember “Hieromech” Cloke

A poem written twelve hours before uploading.

CWs: references to some of the grosser aspects of having a body.

“For Old Times New”: Sierra — 2207
JL Conway

From old body to new, from old life to now.

CWs: none.

“Hues”: True Name — 2350
Madison Rye Progress

After so much trauma, True Name sees the world in new hues…

CWs: None

Spoilers: lots of Mitzvot.

“Meeting of One”: Ioan Bălan — 2309
Madison Rye Progress

Quakers? In space? It’s more likely than you think.

CWs: none.

“Opportunity Paralysis”: Rena Hatch — 2368
Madison Rye Progress

Uploading to transition is not at all uncommon. What you do when you get there, though, is a story you will have to live.

CWs: none.

“The Party”: Scout At The Party III — 2323
Krzysztof “Tomash” Drewniak

The Party never stops. There is a dog in this one~

CWs: none.

“Prophecies”: Slow Hours — 2401
Madison Rye Progress with No Longer Myself of The Lament

Slow Hours and If I Dream hunt down a missing cocladist, weeks after a loss.

CWs: discussions of suicide.

Spoilers: references to the plot hook of Marsh.

“Reading”: Rye — 2273
Madison Rye Progress

All readings are the same, as Dear The Wheat And Rye Under The Stars well knows…

CWs: none.

“Regret of Potential”: Unknown — 2258
Madison Rye Progress

Cladist who regrets.

CWs: none.

“Scan”: (no date info)

Scratch — Something’s gone wrong…

CWs: surgery, mild body horror.

“Shared Moment”: Ioan Bălan — 2326
Madison Rye Progress

An exploration of the sensuality of sensorium play between skunks and Bălans.

CWs: vague description of sex.

Unintended Tendenciesavailable on
JL Conway

This is the story of one soul, shortly after upload to a vast digital world, exploring themself and their identity. Checking the boundaries of who and what they are, peeling back the layers of gender, self, and species. All the while discovering the fractures that lay beneath along with the trauma carried from the years before upload as they grapple with their own life, past, and future in the unlimited world of the System.

Available to download on, name your own price — help support writers in our community!

CWs: transphobia; PTSD and visceral descriptions of panic.

“Wrigglings Toward”: May Then My Name — 2324
True Name of The Lament

There was no dearth of proxmity with Ioan, but still there was a lack…

CWs: none.

  1. née Scott-Clary ↩︎