The Post-Self Cycle

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And thus grew a new world, a world that was not built for death…

From the very beginning of the consensual dream of the System, the members of the Ode clade, all forks from the same core personality, have dealt with fear each in their own way. Do they search for greater ways to control their lives? Do they hunt for yet deeper emotional connection? Do they hone their art to the finest point?

From roots in political turmoil to the building of a new society, the story is there to be found, and the Bălan clade is there to tell it.


The book cover

Clade (n) – /klɛ:id/ – post-self theory
A group of individuals patterned off a single root consciousness, formed through branching expansion of the forking of its constituent members.
See also: cladistics, cocladist, up-/down-/cross-tree instance, forking, post-self theory.
— The System Central Library Encyclopedia

To split oneself among however many individuals, to let the mind drift and diverge, to feel the world from points of view not your own, and then let those memories crash down into you…well, it inspires a feeling best described as ‘heady’, to say the least. An extra funded by the Mitzvot Kickstarter backers.

Coming mid 2023


The Post-Self universe is an open setting for exploring the ramifications of being able to create copies of oneself, of what it means to undergo individuation, of what it means to let memories build up and up and up within oneself. All of the information on working with the universe is contained within this appendex, an extra funded by the Mitzvot Kickstarter backers.

As an open setting, everything is free to use for your own purposes under a Creative-Commons 4.0 Attribution license. These stories wouldn’t be what they are without the contributions of others.


The Post-Self TTRPG

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A tabletop role-playing game powered by The Apocalypse, an extra funded by the Mitzvot Kickstarter backers.

Coming soon!

Extra Stories

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The Post-Anthropocene

An audio essay based on the open podcast “The Anthropocene”, an extra funded by the Mitzvot Kickstarter backers.

Coming soon!

Over the course of publication and as funded by the backers of the Mitzvot Kickstarter, much in the way of art surrounding the Post-Self universe and its character has accrued. You can see a full gallery of all illustrations here.