• Given the chance to live forever in a world not built for death, what do you do?
  • Given the inability to forget—all your joys and sorrows, all your foundational memories and traumas—how do you cope?
  • Given the ability to create a full copy of yourself—down to every single one of those memories—to do as they will, to individuate and live out their own forever lives, or merge back down and meld their memories with your own, what paths do you take?

The Post-Self universe is an open setting for exploring the ramifications of being able to create copies of oneself, of what it means to undergo individuation, of what it means to let memories build up and up and up within oneself. With five novels, four novellas, an anthology of short stories, and plenty more besides, there’s story to explore spanning more than three centuries of history.

Interested in a quick-start on the setting? Check out What is Post-Self? on the wiki! Post-Self is an open setting, free for anyone to write in. If you are interested in creating art — whether it be written, visual, audio, interactive, or whatever — please feel free; there are also calls for submissions if you need some inspiration. Many are paid markets depending on funding.