Extra Stories

“Assignment”: Ioan Bălan — 2273
Madison Scott-Clary
“Meeting of One”: Ioan Bălan — 2309
Madison Scott-Clary
“Dreams for Breakfast”: In All Ways — 2183
Alexandria Christina Leal
“How to Upload Your Consciousness to Physical Infrastructure Using Docker Compose”
Madison Scott-Clary

Non-canonical but heavily influenced ‘tutorial’ written for April Fool’s Day 2022

In-Character asks
Authors include @makyo, @hamratza, and @CERESUltra.

Questions asked of various Post-Self characters, answered by the characters themselves.

Extra Materials


Each book within the Post-Self Cycle, as well as many of the other stories in the setting, was written with a song or playlist running on repeat — at least for the most part. Just a little something that helped the author set the mood. While these are hardly required to enjoy the writing, they’re offered as a curiosity.

The Post-Anthropocene

An audio essay based on the open podcast “The Anthropocene”, an extra funded by the Mitzvot Kickstarter backers.

Coming soon!

Over the course of publication and as funded by the backers of the Mitzvot Kickstarter, much in the way of art surrounding the Post-Self universe and its character has accrued. You can see a full gallery of all illustrations here.