The timeline of the Post-Self cycle spans just over two and a half centuries, encompassing both the creation of the upload system and the arrival of the Artemisians on the Castor launch vehicle and partial dissolution of the Ode clade. The cycle tells only a portion of the history of the System, a microcosm of a world full of billions.

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2112 — December 7
RJ Brewster gets lost, triggering a cascade of events leading to a deeper investigation into the lost.
2115 — February ??
The first partially successful upload, RJ Brewster, leads to a breakthrough and, shortly after, the foundation of the System.

2117 — ???

2124 — January 1
Systime set at year zero, day zero in order to help manage the reputation market.
2125 — January 21
The System secedes from the planetary governments on Earth thanks to the efforts of Yared Zerezghi, Counselor Yosef Demma, The Only Time I Know My True Name Is When I Dream of the Ode clade, and Jonas Prime of the Jonas clade.
2170 — Throughout the year
Most planetary governments begin compensating the families of those who choose to upload.
2238 — July 28
Ioan Bălan uploads to use the compensation to help eir brother, Rareș Bălan, out after eir parents' death.
2305 — November 8
Dear, Also, The Tree That Was Felled of the Ode clade contacts Ioan Bălan for assistance with a project that leads to the publication of On the Perils of Memory.
2325 — January 21
The launch project concludes with the launch of the Castor and Pollux Launch vehicles.
2326 — October 30
The Bălan clade publishes An Expanded History of Our World In conjunction with May Then My Name Die With Me of the Ode clade’s An Expanded Mythology of Our World, collected together as On the Origins of Our World.
2346 — May 28
The Artemisians make contact with the Castor launch.
2350 — January 21
Assassination attempt on The Only Time I Know My True Name Is When I Dream on the Lagrange System, leading to her stepping away from the politics of the System and, through two long-diverged merges, adopts the name Sasha.
2351 — November 8
Ioan Bălan publishes Individuation and Reconciliation, containing the story of the assassination attempt on The Only Time I Know My True Name Is When I Dream and her subsequent transformation into a new identity.
2365 — July 18
Sasha née True Name releases Ode, a companion volume to On the Origins of Our World describing the Ode clade’s movement from before the founding of the System, finally publishing RJ Brewster’s name when she describes the origin of the System itself.